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Principal-Teachers’ Conflict and the Management of Secondary Schools in Benue, Nigeria

Enemona OJILE, Cletus TYOKYAA and Didacus KAJO

Department of Educational Administration and Planning, Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi, Nigeria


This study investigated the influence of principals-teachers’ conflict on the management of secondary schools in Benue State, Nigeria. Utilizing a survey research design, data were collected using a self-structured questionnaire titled “Principals-teachers’ Conflict and Management of Secondary School Questionnaire” (PCMOSSQ). The sample consisted of 370 teachers and principals selected through multistage sampling techniques. The instrument’s reliability was confirmed with a Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of 0.889. Descriptive statistics, including mean and standard deviation, along with the Chi-square goodness-of-fit test, were employed for data analysis. The findings revealed a significant negative influence of principals-teachers’ conflicts on teaching and learning environments and teachers’ attitudes towards work. Based on the results, it was recommended to establish clear communication channels between principals and teachers to foster open dialogue and address conflicts promptly, thus promoting a harmonious work environment.

Keywords: Principal-Teacher Conflict, Secondary School Management, Teacher Productivity, Teachers’ Work Attitude, Educational Administration, Teaching and Learning

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Ojile, E., Tyokyaa, C. & Kajo, D. (2024). Principal-Teachers’ Conflict and the Management of Secondary Schools in Benue, Nigeria. VillageMath Educational Review (VER), 6(1), 27-36.