Network for Grassroots Science and Mathematics Education


Become a Member of NGSME – for Free!

You are welcome to the Network for Grassroots Science and Mathematics Education (NGSME). NGSME is an open research-based Network of educators, teachers, students, and enthusiasts interested in promoting the knowledge of Science and Mathematics in everyday life. The main goal of NGSME is to improve the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects at the grassroots.

So, if you love the local occurrences of Science and Mathematics in our indigenous cultures and traditions, follow the following instructions to become a member of NGSME and stay up-to-date with latest research outputs and international best practices in Ethnoscience and Ethnomathematics.

To Register, simply send an SMS containing your details to +2348179456590 or email your details to

There are Four (4) categories of membership:

Category Eligibility


Pre-Service Mathematics Teacher (For students of Mathematics Education in University or College of Education)


In-Service Mathematics Teacher (For Teachers of Mathematics in Nursery, Primary or Secondary Schools)


Mathematics Educator (For Mathematics Educators working in Higher Education)


Enthusiast (For all other lovers of Ethnoscience/Ethnomathematics outside the field of Mathematics Education)


So, to join NGSME, SMS or Email these details indicating Category, Name, Institution/School, Phone Number.

For Example:

  • Cat-A, Audu Bature, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, 08012345678
  • Cat-B, Jane Aloho, LGEA Primary School Ade-Igwu Orokam, 07087654321
  • Cat-C, Joshua Abah, Federal University of University of Agriculture Makurdi, 08179456590
  • Cat-D, Martha Ogwuche, Standard Academy School Otukpo, 09012345678


After, sending your details (as SMS to +2348179456590 or email to ), you will be contacted by NGSME and given a username to fully access the NGSME Platform.